Playing Video Games: Family Bonding Activity During The Pandemic


During this pandemic, people are now anxious to go out because of the fear of getting the virus. We really don’t know how it is passed on from one person to another, so better be safe than sorry. And if errands are not that necessary, people are advised to stay at home and keep healthy so they won’t be adding to the increased cases of COVID-19. Personally, I am among those people who need to stay-at-home and do avoid going out if possible. This is because I am immune-compromised and it’s not good for me to go out in times like this.

But staying at home for a long time can also cause stress and anxiety. You need to do activities at home to fight the boredom. As for the worries regarding the virus that has been affecting lives globally, we just have to make do of the situation and find comfort and ease. I am a plain housewife so I am used to staying at home most of the time but this “staying at home” rule has taken longer and has been strictly implemented. So having fun and interesting activities within your dwelling is really needed now to make time at home more worthwhile.


Making a schedule for daily activities is a challenge for me because I am used to having my time alone on weekdays while my daughter is spending the whole day at school. During vacation time, we enroll her for short classes like playing the piano, or voice lessons. But since the virus outbreak, we have decided to just stay at home during the summer. We had to do the “usual” activities at home.

On a positive note, it made me think that this situation made me closer to my family. Since physical classes are temporarily suspended in my daughter’s school, we now have a longer bonding time with each other. Our family can now do things together unlike before when we always missed the company of our daughter or even my husband during the weekdays.


Playing video games is among the activities that we enjoy doing the most. I realized that this is one of the good bonding activities for the whole family, especially during these times. According to studies, those children playing video games with their parents or with the whole family has a positive outcome in the kids’ psychological development, compared to letting the kids play on their own. Understanding your kids and taking interest in their chosen games uplift their mood and enthusiasm. Knowing that you support them in their interest in video games takes away the fear that they might feel whenever parents are too strict with them about this kind of activity.

At first, parents tend to be strict about playing time. But since classes are halted, playing times are allowed at certain hours. During my childhood, I’m also not used to playing video games. We only play games that can be played outdoors that usually entails physical activity. But because of the stay-at-home advice for everyone, I learned to play video games with my daughter. And I found out that it can be fun and exciting.

Because of the advancement of technology, there are many video games that one can download through computers or even through mobile phones. There are also consoles. Family members can choose interactive games in which they can play with each other by connecting online through the use of the internet. You can choose from simple games up to complicated ones. Family members can also take turns in choosing what game to play.


During our free time, mostly on weekends, we usually do things on our own. I just give her an hour to play with her favorite video game and I would just go on with my usual activity like indoor gardening, reading, or watching shows. But I realized that it’s more fun to do things together. When I asked her what video games interest her and to tell me about it, she was so eager to explain to me everything she knew! She taught me about Minecraft and Roblox. These are interactive video games in which users from other devices can play together and explore the same world. Minecraft enhances the creativity of the child, as I have read. The game lets you play with blocks online that you can use to build simple homes or buildings up to big castles or skyscrapers. Roblox is also an interactive video game wherein users can do things to manipulate the environment of the game.

Playing video games with the family can be exciting and fun but there is also the possibility that kids will get addicted to it. The parents can also get hooked as well. We just have to be disciplined and stay within the time limit, a maximum of three hours a day, and then do other activities. There should be a balance of your time indoors and with all the to-do list while on lockdown – not just playing games.


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