Fun Applications Of Computer Science

I had the best time organizing the 2019 Computer Science Conference last year. What I liked the most about it was that our primary audience was kids below the age of 18. Our company sent invitations to schools all over the city, hoping to broaden the students’ knowledge about computer science.
I knew that it was an excellent decision when I saw the excitement and wonderment in the kids’ faces. I couldn’t blame them; when I was their age, I had the same reaction after seeing computers and other gadgets. Such an experience encourages the students to think of what other innovations they can contribute to the world.


Now, if you are an adult who has only paid attention to computer science recently, that’s cool. To make you focus on it more, though, allow me to share its real-life applications.

Web Surfing
One of the primary uses of computer science is giving you answers that are related to the keywords you type on the web. The experts typically do it by using a search algorithm, which makes it effortless to grab the information you need from an ocean of data.

Online Shopping
Do you favor a specific marketplace because it shows you other products that “you might also like”? It is possible because they use machine learning and artificial intelligence to remember the items you click.


Virtual Gaming
In case you have always been a have of roleplaying games, you should thank the people who have learned computer science for those. Without game developers and computer graphics artists, you may remain stuck with two-dimensional games. For sure, you are aware that the latter is not as exciting as the 3D ones.

Final Thoughts
The mentioned online activities are nothing but typical applications of computer science. There are more principles and methods ingrained in other facets of the virtual world; it is now up to you to find out about all of them. Good luck!

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