Everything About Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is a strategic approach to attract audiences, build connections with customers, and promote brands, services, and products. Basically, it integrates making videos with marketing strategies.

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Unlike a few years ago, video marketing is now a lot more effective, active, and in demand for various businesses. Different types of companies have been able to take advantage of video content marketing because they have seen it as a beneficial tool to stand out from the competition. At the same time, it also helps them achieve the goals they set for their businesses.

Types Of Video Marketing

  1. Demo Videos

Demo videos show audiences how a product works from unboxing, reviewing your product’s features, to putting it to a physical test.

  1. Brand Videos

This type of video is where you advertise and showcase your business or company. It includes the company’s vision, mission, and products or services. Brand videos are made to attract more customers.

  1. Instructional Videos

Educational or how-to videos are a more in-depth type of video. Most of the time, sales and service teams interact with customers so they can fully understand your business and products.

  1. Interviews

Businesses invite experts or leaders within their industry to get their audiences’ and customers’ trust. Usually, this type of video is similar to a discussion video.

  1. Live Videos

Live videos or live streams are useful when you like giving your customers a unique or exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your company, staff, and how you make your products.

Things To Consider Before Shooting A Video

  • Plan ahead of time
  • Gather information about the topic
  • Prepare the flow and scripts
  • Understand the camera work and angles
  • Set up the studio or film location
  • Brief your talent
  • Record voiceovers
  • Edit the video
  • Consider the music

Measuring Your Video’s Success

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With YouTube, the more views, shares, and comments your content receives, the higher the chance that it is an effective and successful output.

  • View Count
  • Traffic Source
  • Demographics
  • Social Media Shares

Fraudulent Views

You have nothing to worry about if your view count is high. However, keep in mind that YouTube has the authority to delete your views and your videos. Below are the signs they consider for fraudulent views:

  • The video is reloaded a number of times.
  • The views are from malware viruses.
  • The video is embedded in different websites and is set to auto-play.
  • The views are from users that are known to use spambots.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

  • Gives your business a more extensive platform to advertise
  • Helps you connect with your audience in different places
  • Customers prefer watching a product video instead of reading its description
  • Attracts new customers
  • Offers uniqueness and style with how you create the videos
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It is essential to have the expertise about the products and services you offer and the audience you want to target. Gather all necessary information and the best people for your team, then test and analyze. The bottom line is your eagerness and overall strategy should drive your business and video marketing strategy forward.


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