The War Against The PC Master Race: Why Consoles Are Better For Gaming

In the realm of gaming, there has been an endless debate over whether video games are better suited for PC or consoles. Despite multiple generations of gaming developments, a definitive answer has yet to be made in favor of either side. This article looks at why consoles are better than the so-called “PC Master Race.”


Consoles Are Built Exclusively For Gaming

Back in the day, all you had to do was buy a game from your local game store, slap it on to your console’s disc tray, and then you are all set, no fuss included. These days, it takes a little bit longer, given the sheer size of today’s video games. It can require a bit of installation and an online update here and there, but the mechanics are still the same. Consoles were built to cater to the gamer’s needs, and convenience is at the top of the mind of every single gamer out. Everything from the interface, to the player account, and launching the game is tailor-made for the games, for the gamers.

[Consoles: 1, PC: 0]

Console Exclusives Are Growing In Number

To PC gamers out there, have you ever tried playing God of War, The Last of Us, Monster Hunter, Horizon Zero Dawn, or the later editions of Gears of War and Halo? No? How about Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Odyssey, or Pokémon? Your answers are loud and clear. Console exclusives are not only growing in abundance, but are retaining the quality and integrity of storyline, gameplay, and features. If you have not been gaming on a console as of late, you are missing out on a lot of epic stuff.

[Consoles: 2, PC: 0]

No Need To Be Technical About System Specifications

Rarely will you ever hear a gamer talk about the system specifications of his latest Playstation 4 or Xbox One, mainly because all games that are eligible for such consoles are one hundred percent playable. The challenge with PC gamers is they must either purchase an expensive system unit with the latest graphics cards and chipsets or build one on their own. Although a good piece of DIY work is fascinating in of itself, most of the population’s gaming needs are far less sophisticated than that.

[Consoles: 3, PC: 0]


Console Controllers Are Better For Overall Gaming

Controllers are just better than the mouse and keyboard set-up. Admittedly, this may be the weakest argument in this list due to how subjective preferences could be. However, controllers have a stronger set of advantages mainly because they were built for the gamers and no one else. The design of the controllers and the positioning of the buttons, joysticks, and directional pads are top-notch, regardless if you are playing on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Google Stadia. Every button is simply accessible, and the learning curve is pretty minimal because of it. First-person shooter gamers will most definitely disagree with this, as well as arcade addicts who live and die by the arcade sticks, but the controller is most definitely a better all-around gaming device.

[Consoles: 4, PC: 0]

A More Fulfilling Co-Op Experience

Finally, we arrive at the co-op experience consoles have gifted all of us gamers with. Look back to your childhood days when you and your friends are gathered around the television, some sitting on the floor, others on the couch. Chips and sodas scattered all around the area, being munched on and gulped by everybody. The day is young, and so were you and your pals. You open your PS2 and play some WWE, Tekken, or FIFA. Laughs, shrieks, and a bit of trash-talking going on. Those days were the best. PC gamers, you can never take away this experience from us console freaks. It was significantly and undoubtedly better to play on the console with friends.

[Consoles: 5, PC: 0]


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