The Best Video Editing Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Many of us today are familiar with, if not a part of, the social media app Instagram. People use the platform primarily for sharing pictures and videos. The application itself already has multiple features: filters, simple adjustments, and stickers. Sometimes, these functions aren’t enough; we want something more to edit media.


Thankfully, the App Store and Play Store have several choices that can help us improve our content. Focusing on videos, here are some of the top editing apps on the market today.


What’s daunting about video editing programs for desktop is that they can be complicated. Those new to editing clips may become discouraged. For those looking for something quick and straightforward, InShot is the app for you. With the app, you can speed up or trim videos, add a background or music, and use filters.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. There are features available with the free version and unlockable content when you pay for premium.

Cinemagraph Pro

If you’re looking for something different, Cinemagraph Pro brings something new to the table. A combination of photos and video, a cinemagraph is a still image where part of it has some movement. For instance, you could have a clip of a busy street wherein you see everyone but one person walking.

With great features and ease of use, the app comes with a price. However, you can try it out through a free trial. It’s available for iOS and desktop users.

Hyperlapse (Instagram)

Aside from the main program, Instagram has come up with numerous other apps. You’re likely already familiar with Boomerang, which makes users create short clips that play on a loop. In addition to this creation, they’ve also come up with Hyperlapse. This separate application allows users to speed up their videos. The feature comes in handy when you want to make DIY clips or a timelapse of a sunrise.

Unfortunately for Android users, the app is only available for iOS users.



Stop motion videos are a lot of fun to watch but can be a pain to make for inexperienced creators. Thankfully, LifeLapse makes the process more convenient. The app quickly stitches together photos you’ve taken and turns it into a quick video. Additionally, you can also create images into a clip on an infinite loop, like a GIF.

The application is available for free, but your videos will have a watermark. Premium features are available for a price. Both iOS and Android users can enjoy this app.

Crop Video Square Editor

Sometimes, when you take a video, you wish to crop out some parts of the scene. With Crop Video Square Editor, you can do precisely that. As you can guess, you can crop videos, cutting out parts you don’t want people to see. Moreover, you can also zoom in and out to add emphasis to your clips. The app also allows you to add music to make your content extra engaging.

This application is only available for iOS users at the moment. It’s free but, like the others, comes with premium features you can buy.

Instagram is a great application. It allows us to share moments with friends, family, and other viewers. But sometimes, its features aren’t enough. With other apps such as InShot and Hyperlapse, you can edit your videos better without having to run to a computer. Cinemagraph, LifeLapse, and Crop Video Square Editor bring you something new to your feed.  Investing in these apps can save you a lot of time and bring you more fun.


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