2014 California Developer Week Discusses Tips On Starting Your Own Website

The 2014 California Developer Week aims to guide aspiring web developers to establish the best websites fit for them. Creating a site may serve as your product and services catalog which can help you with taking your business to the next level. Building a site in just a day or two is difficult. Successful websites require time and effort.

Here are tips to aid you build your company website.

Use Killer SEO

There are a million websites out there competing for traffic. Landing on the first page on the search engine is difficult without the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Your website content writers should first familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the SEO to be able to maximize your website’s reach.

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State Calls To Action Clearly

Tell your visitors what your site offers in a clear manner. Do you want them to subscribe to your monthly newsletters? If so, make this clear on your home page. Do you want them to order your products online? State this in your main page. By stating your calls to action, your audience will be able to utilize your website’s purpose easier.

Create A Page Hierarchy

Most businesses divide their websites into different sections. Aside from going with the usual format of a home page, about page, and contact page, it is better to opt for a hierarchy approach.

In the home page, include a general overview. In the second section, highlight your main product or service so that your customers will know that this is your primary offer. You can place your other products and services in the succeeding sections. This way, it will be easier for your target audience to navigate the website and understand your business.

Generate Revenue Without Annoying Your Visitors

Instead of relying on banner ads and pop-ups to generate revenue, try to explore other ways to receive profit. One way is to sell other non-rival companies’ products and earn money from the commission as an affiliate seller. You may also opt to provide your service as an online content writer for other businesses.

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There are many ways on how to build a successful website for your company. These four points presented are only some of the things some creators miss whenever they draw their own strategies. Once you have incorporated these factors in your new website, you will definitely be able to keep your visitors clicking.

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