How To Capture Video From YouTube To Computer Using WinX YouTube Downloader

In every family or circle of friends, there is always someone who still hasn’t embraced technology fully. Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, or Skype to video chat, they insist on making use of the regular messaging application. If you talk about memes or internet slangs around them, they might look at you as if you have gone out of your mind.


Because of that, it’s no surprise that whenever a YouTube video becomes viral, and you find it too exciting not to be shared, you may have a hard time showing it to your non-techy loved one. You can send a link to them, for instance, but that person may not even be aware that clicking it will redirect them to the video. In case you try to play it through your smartphone, they may complain about the screen being too small.

The only solution we can consider for you is to capture your favorite video from an online platform to the computer using a software called WinX YouTube Downloader. Many people do it, primarily before going to a remote location where there may not be internet service. It’s free and easy, regardless if you are a Mac or Windows PC user.

What Is WinX YouTube Downloader?

It is a software that’s popular with a lot of individuals across the globe. What seems amazing about this video-downloading tool is that it can be safely utilized in your Mac (OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Mavericks) and Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Vista) desktops and laptops. Its features also allow you to capture YouTube videos in high definition at a rate that is way faster than any other software.


The usual problem that people face with most video downloaders is that the number of files they can capture is too limited. In some instances, it is difficult to get the video in the highest resolution as well, or the software merely supports a single format.

What you may like about WinX YouTube Downloader, therefore, is that you will never come across such troubles. You can capture as many HD videos as you want all at once. Then, you may download them in the format that your player can handle.

Other Features Of WinX YouTube Downloader

  • Download high-quality clips and videos from YouTube, as well as 1000 other video-sharing websites in a single click.
  • Take your YouTube playlist videos offline and into your device of preference.
  • Use the video URL to capture your favorite online videos.
  • Transform YouTube videos into any format you like.
  • Get movies, TV show recordings, and other videos from Facebook, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.

How To Install The Software?

No matter how excited you are at viewing the newest videos uploaded by your beloved YouTube stars, you should not forget to download the WinX YouTube Downloader first. Doing so is not as challenging as finding what clips to obtain. You may even be able to download the software in a matter of seconds. You only need to have your good electronic device (e.g., desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) ready before following the procedure below.

1. Install The Software

Once you have prompted the program to install, you will see instruction for software installation. You will know if you have succeeded with installing the video-downloading tool once the free application sets off immediately.

2. Find A Video From YouTube

For the next step, you should launch the YouTube website and click any video that you want to have an offline copy of. After that, you need to obtain its URL so that you can download it to your computer.

Now, there are several ways to do that. The first one is to play your preferred video, and then wait for WinX YouTube Downloader to show you a clickable Download option to capture the clip at once. If it seems inconvenient, you may choose to do the regular copy-and-paste action from the website to the software. Moreover, if you still do not like either, you can drag the URL from the top of the page and drop it to the downloader.

3. Choose Your Video Format

FLV is the file format of all videos from YouTube. Even though it plays when we watch online, it may not be supported by some video or audio players. Hence, you should use the WinX Downloader to alter the format of the videos before downloading the final copy to your electronic gadget.


To Sum Things Up

Watching your favorite videos online can now be possible even without internet service connection when you download them. That is especially true if you use WinX YouTube Downloader – free yet dependable software that every person on this planet has to have.

The flexibility that the tool exhibits adds to its overall appeal significantly. Grabbing videos from YouTube and transferring them to a computer quicker than ever is merely one of its good points, you know. Through the software, you can now laugh, cry or smile any time with your loved ones while viewing the videos offline.