2014 Charlotte IT Symposium: Video Editing Tips For Beginners

The 2014 Charlotte IT Symposium is one of the conferences that I can never erase from my memory bank. The reason is that that’s where I was able to interact with more developers and enthusiasts and practically expand my network. It is unheard of, after all, for such people to commune in one place if not to showcase tech advancements.

Now, another thing that the speakers highlighted during that symposium was the introduction of selfie sticks and drones to the world. These are devices that make the video-capturing task more relaxed than ever for everyone. Hence, all you need to do is learn how to edit those clips for the first time.

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1. Organize Your Files

Considering you have watched a YouTube video before, you know that there are more elements to one than a series of clips pieced together. You have to add background music, photos, songs, or texts here and there to make your final product more eye-catching. To ease the task of finding the items you need, therefore, it matters to create a folder for each category and label them accordingly from the beginning.

2. Store Files In More Than A Single Unit

A friend of mine almost went crazy one time when the files for the short film that he was making got permanently deleted from his laptop on accident. Once that happens, you practically cannot do anything to retrieve them. Thus, to prevent finding yourself in the same unfortunate situation, you should save copies of your project in various storage units.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Look For The Best Editing Software

Finally, what you lack in skills as a newbie video editor may not be too apparent if you have the best software in your arsenal. You can get one that’s either free or paid, depending on your budget and requirements.


Do you want to produce short films or become a vlogger this year? Learn how to edit a video now. Good luck!

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