Three Of My Favorite YouTubers And Their Editing Tool


YouTube is the new entertainment arena which is providing its followers with amazing videos day in and day out.  It may sound crazy, but every minute, more or less 300 videos (viral clips, daily vlogs, music videos, reality shows, product review, motivational, and more) are being uploaded.


Youtubers make us feel that they are living a perfect, beautiful life and making vid is a piece of cake with how they jump cut, add effects, incorporate sounds, and more.   But actually, they are not – not living a perfect life and not easy to make and edit videos.


Story Telling

Vloggers are good storytellers.  They tell their stories, shooting with any regular cameras and sometimes just with the phone.  Well, the ones who can make it big in the industry can now afford the more sophisticated equipment to produce better quality videos.  But whether you use just your regular camera or sophisticated one, the magic lies in your editing.  The jump cuts, different colors, black and white, sounds, effects and more can be done beautifully with the type of video editing software you are to use.


You can effectively tell your story with the way you edit your film.  And as a starter, there is free software available which you can play around.


Let us look at some of my favorite YouTubers, “content creator,” and take a look into what software they use to edit their videos.


PewDiePie And His Adobe Premiere


 PewDiePie, one of the highest paid Youtuber, produce videos that will leave you asking yourself, how was he able to do all those effects.  Flawlessly, he can put in the zooms, reverb, overlays, and more effects in his videos that makes it really look good and entertaining to watch.


According to Learn How To Edit Stuff, you can accomplish Pewdiepie’s editing styles with the use of Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


Adobe Premiere is the avant-garde in the editing software arena, loved by many videographers when producing a film for the TV or the web.  Even non-pro users can explore and do magic with it.


Aside from Pewdiepie, it is the editor software being used by Mark Dohner, Ben Brown, bubzbeauty, Mumbo Jumbo, PatrickStarr, if you are familiar with them.


Casey Neistat Uses Final Cut Pro

Charming Casey Neistat caught my attention when I watched his roller coaster ride of life.  Life wasn’t easy, but he proved that if you are creative and work hard enough to find ways to reach your goal, you’ll make it.  Now, he’s one of the wealthiest YouTuber with a net worth of $16 million.


As a producer, director, and YouTube personality, he probably had used many different software editors, but the one he mentioned that he is using in one of his vids is the Final Cut Pro.

Watch his videos and just be amazed by his fast-phased lifestyle as shown in most of his videos, effectively conveying his stories by the magic of how he cut and combine his clips.  The way he does his flips and other stunts on his skateboard (with the slow-mo effect) were just so suave.  His being so honest when reviewing products are so real, which is the most thing I admire in him.


TDM and Sony Vegas

Do you know who the highest-earning YouTuber is?  The young guy who loves playing games, especially Minecraft and Pokemon.  With more than 16 million subscribers, Daniel Middleton of The Diamond Minecraft made £12.3 million according to Forbes Magazine.  I love some of his videos, simply done, yet there’s something to it that I can’t stop watching.  His vids are done cleanly and easy to follow through.


Three of my fave were the ones when he made reviews of his crazy fidget spinners, the husband versus wife Pokemon Go battle, and when he showed his new office with cozy setup, hot arcade machine, and his cute pugs.


He shared in one of his vlogs the secrets to his video making, and the editing tool that he uses is the Sony Vegas.


Sony Vegas Pro is more of for professionals.  When you need to create high-quality HD videos, Sony Vegas Pro is the way to go.

Disclaimer:   I didn’t write about my fav YouTubers to promote their channel because obviously, with the digits they’re earning, they don’t need it.  Just wanted to share their secrets in creating great films that kind of inspire me.

You can check on other filmmakers (YouTubers) and get some techniques that they freely share on their vids.


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