Everything About Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is a strategic approach to attract audiences, build connections with customers, and promote brands, services, and products. Basically, it integrates making videos with marketing strategies.

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Unlike a few years ago, video marketing is now a lot more effective, active, and in demand for various businesses. Different types of companies have been able to take advantage of video content marketing because they have seen it as a beneficial tool to stand out from the competition. At the same time, it also helps them achieve the goals they set for their businesses.

Types Of Video Marketing

  1. Demo Videos

Demo videos show audiences how a product works from unboxing, reviewing your product’s features, to putting it to a physical test.

  1. Brand Videos

This type of video is where you advertise and showcase your business or company. It includes the company’s vision, mission, and products or services. Brand videos are made to attract more customers.

  1. Instructional Videos

Educational or how-to videos are a more in-depth type of video. Most of the time, sales and service teams interact with customers so they can fully understand your business and products.

  1. Interviews

Businesses invite experts or leaders within their industry to get their audiences’ and customers’ trust. Usually, this type of video is similar to a discussion video.

  1. Live Videos

Live videos or live streams are useful when you like giving your customers a unique or exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your company, staff, and how you make your products.

Things To Consider Before Shooting A Video

  • Plan ahead of time
  • Gather information about the topic
  • Prepare the flow and scripts
  • Understand the camera work and angles
  • Set up the studio or film location
  • Brief your talent
  • Record voiceovers
  • Edit the video
  • Consider the music

Measuring Your Video’s Success

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With YouTube, the more views, shares, and comments your content receives, the higher the chance that it is an effective and successful output.

  • View Count
  • Traffic Source
  • Demographics
  • Social Media Shares

Fraudulent Views

You have nothing to worry about if your view count is high. However, keep in mind that YouTube has the authority to delete your views and your videos. Below are the signs they consider for fraudulent views:

  • The video is reloaded a number of times.
  • The views are from malware viruses.
  • The video is embedded in different websites and is set to auto-play.
  • The views are from users that are known to use spambots.

Benefits Of Video Marketing

  • Gives your business a more extensive platform to advertise
  • Helps you connect with your audience in different places
  • Customers prefer watching a product video instead of reading its description
  • Attracts new customers
  • Offers uniqueness and style with how you create the videos
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It is essential to have the expertise about the products and services you offer and the audience you want to target. Gather all necessary information and the best people for your team, then test and analyze. The bottom line is your eagerness and overall strategy should drive your business and video marketing strategy forward.


The War Against The PC Master Race: Why Consoles Are Better For Gaming

In the realm of gaming, there has been an endless debate over whether video games are better suited for PC or consoles. Despite multiple generations of gaming developments, a definitive answer has yet to be made in favor of either side. This article looks at why consoles are better than the so-called “PC Master Race.”

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Consoles Are Built Exclusively For Gaming

Back in the day, all you had to do was buy a game from your local game store, slap it on to your console’s disc tray, and then you are all set, no fuss included. These days, it takes a little bit longer, given the sheer size of today’s video games. It can require a bit of installation and an online update here and there, but the mechanics are still the same. Consoles were built to cater to the gamer’s needs, and convenience is at the top of the mind of every single gamer out. Everything from the interface, to the player account, and launching the game is tailor-made for the games, for the gamers.

[Consoles: 1, PC: 0]

Console Exclusives Are Growing In Number

To PC gamers out there, have you ever tried playing God of War, The Last of Us, Monster Hunter, Horizon Zero Dawn, or the later editions of Gears of War and Halo? No? How about Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Odyssey, or Pokémon? Your answers are loud and clear. Console exclusives are not only growing in abundance, but are retaining the quality and integrity of storyline, gameplay, and features. If you have not been gaming on a console as of late, you are missing out on a lot of epic stuff.

[Consoles: 2, PC: 0]

No Need To Be Technical About System Specifications

Rarely will you ever hear a gamer talk about the system specifications of his latest Playstation 4 or Xbox One, mainly because all games that are eligible for such consoles are one hundred percent playable. The challenge with PC gamers is they must either purchase an expensive system unit with the latest graphics cards and chipsets or build one on their own. Although a good piece of DIY work is fascinating in of itself, most of the population’s gaming needs are far less sophisticated than that.

[Consoles: 3, PC: 0]

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Console Controllers Are Better For Overall Gaming

Controllers are just better than the mouse and keyboard set-up. Admittedly, this may be the weakest argument in this list due to how subjective preferences could be. However, controllers have a stronger set of advantages mainly because they were built for the gamers and no one else. The design of the controllers and the positioning of the buttons, joysticks, and directional pads are top-notch, regardless if you are playing on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, or Google Stadia. Every button is simply accessible, and the learning curve is pretty minimal because of it. First-person shooter gamers will most definitely disagree with this, as well as arcade addicts who live and die by the arcade sticks, but the controller is most definitely a better all-around gaming device.

[Consoles: 4, PC: 0]

A More Fulfilling Co-Op Experience

Finally, we arrive at the co-op experience consoles have gifted all of us gamers with. Look back to your childhood days when you and your friends are gathered around the television, some sitting on the floor, others on the couch. Chips and sodas scattered all around the area, being munched on and gulped by everybody. The day is young, and so were you and your pals. You open your PS2 and play some WWE, Tekken, or FIFA. Laughs, shrieks, and a bit of trash-talking going on. Those days were the best. PC gamers, you can never take away this experience from us console freaks. It was significantly and undoubtedly better to play on the console with friends.

[Consoles: 5, PC: 0]


The Best Video Editing Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

Many of us today are familiar with, if not a part of, the social media app Instagram. People use the platform primarily for sharing pictures and videos. The application itself already has multiple features: filters, simple adjustments, and stickers. Sometimes, these functions aren’t enough; we want something more to edit media.

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Thankfully, the App Store and Play Store have several choices that can help us improve our content. Focusing on videos, here are some of the top editing apps on the market today.


What’s daunting about video editing programs for desktop is that they can be complicated. Those new to editing clips may become discouraged. For those looking for something quick and straightforward, InShot is the app for you. With the app, you can speed up or trim videos, add a background or music, and use filters.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. There are features available with the free version and unlockable content when you pay for premium.

Cinemagraph Pro

If you’re looking for something different, Cinemagraph Pro brings something new to the table. A combination of photos and video, a cinemagraph is a still image where part of it has some movement. For instance, you could have a clip of a busy street wherein you see everyone but one person walking.

With great features and ease of use, the app comes with a price. However, you can try it out through a free trial. It’s available for iOS and desktop users.

Hyperlapse (Instagram)

Aside from the main program, Instagram has come up with numerous other apps. You’re likely already familiar with Boomerang, which makes users create short clips that play on a loop. In addition to this creation, they’ve also come up with Hyperlapse. This separate application allows users to speed up their videos. The feature comes in handy when you want to make DIY clips or a timelapse of a sunrise.

Unfortunately for Android users, the app is only available for iOS users.

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Stop motion videos are a lot of fun to watch but can be a pain to make for inexperienced creators. Thankfully, LifeLapse makes the process more convenient. The app quickly stitches together photos you’ve taken and turns it into a quick video. Additionally, you can also create images into a clip on an infinite loop, like a GIF.

The application is available for free, but your videos will have a watermark. Premium features are available for a price. Both iOS and Android users can enjoy this app.

Crop Video Square Editor

Sometimes, when you take a video, you wish to crop out some parts of the scene. With Crop Video Square Editor, you can do precisely that. As you can guess, you can crop videos, cutting out parts you don’t want people to see. Moreover, you can also zoom in and out to add emphasis to your clips. The app also allows you to add music to make your content extra engaging.

This application is only available for iOS users at the moment. It’s free but, like the others, comes with premium features you can buy.

Instagram is a great application. It allows us to share moments with friends, family, and other viewers. But sometimes, its features aren’t enough. With other apps such as InShot and Hyperlapse, you can edit your videos better without having to run to a computer. Cinemagraph, LifeLapse, and Crop Video Square Editor bring you something new to your feed.  Investing in these apps can save you a lot of time and bring you more fun.


Explaining Ray Tracing: The New Frontier Of Gaming Graphics

Graphics are responsible for giving many games much of their appeal, especially for those that involve world exploration or combat. In just a few decades, game graphics have evolved from pixel art into immersive displays that look almost real. With ray tracing, the gap between computer graphics and the real world just got even closer.

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What exactly is ray tracing, and why does it matter? As it turns out, ray tracing is a powerful tool that promises results, but you need specific hardware and software to make the most out of it.

Understanding Computer Graphics

Before ray tracing existed, programmers relied on pixels to display images and videos in games. This technique is called rasterization, and nearly all games rely on this method to create graphics.

The earliest games were only able to display a small number of pixels with a limited color range. As processors and memory chips became more powerful, creators were able to utilize more pixels for displaying graphics. With millions of pixels on the screen, the human eye can no longer distinguish between the individual pixels, creating an illusion of continuity.

To be able to simulate light, games also use programs called shaders to adjust the brightness of each pixel based on the presence of light sources or shadows. The entire system works to produce stunning graphics, but the reliance on predetermined pixels means that images are inherently unrealistic.

Better Graphics Through Physics

Ray tracing relies on a simple principle: physics. In the real world, light reflects off surfaces and refracts as it passes through objects, changing its intensity and hue. Ray tracing simulates the millions of light rays visible through the current view, traces them back to their light source, and uses the calculated data to simulate lighting.

While the underlying concept is simple, the actual implementation requires extreme amounts of computational power. Ray tracing is already a mainstay in the film industry for years since studios have powerful servers that can generate each video frame. Only recently did consumer electronics have enough power to handle ray tracing.

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Ray tracing allows for dynamic generation of computer graphics. Light is accurately depicted, allowing scenes to look nearly indistinguishable from reality.

Limitations Of Ray Tracing

Currently, only a few graphics cards from NVIDIA have official support for ray tracing. These cards have a specialized infrastructure that allows them to perform ray tracing properly. Other cards can technically do the calculations required in ray tracing. The trade-off is that it takes incredibly long to generate each frame, resulting in unplayable frame rates and extreme lag.

Even the best graphics cards right now can’t do true ray tracing. They only simulate several dozen light rays, then use artificial intelligence to predict the behavior of the other beams without spending too much computational power. Even then, these cards struggle to generate frames fast enough, so frame rates drop significantly when ray tracing is enabled.

Finally, only a few games have ray tracing. Since only a few have hardware that can handle ray tracing, it doesn’t make sense for all companies to invest in integrating ray tracing.

Many players are astounded by what ray tracing provides to their gaming experience. As graphics technology evolves, expect to see more titles and more graphics cards supporting ray tracing, the new frontier of gaming graphics.


When Playing Video Games Is Already Too Much

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Since the first invention of the gaming system, children and even adults have spent a lot of time on screen. This has become a new way to interact with other players and an entertaining way to socialize. Some games have one player options for people who are not too comfortable in playing with others. Video games became addicting that even eating or urinating can be a difficult task to some, and psychologists are worried about this.

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How Playing Video Games Can Be A Form Of Mental Health Therapy

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New technology from the 20th to the 21st century have gone through nearly every procedure and have helped improve human behavioral patterns and interactions. The use of the Internet and the rest of technology, including video software, are currently utilized in almost everybody’s basic daily activities. This, however, has created both opportunities and complications when therapists handle patients who are obligated to use their smartphones and digital apps, specifically adolescents, kids, and even adults.

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The 2014 Jacksonville Information Technology Solutions Summit

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of technology? For sure, you will start to remember how the latest advancements or developments in this field have provided several benefits to several people such as yourself. During the 2014 Jacksonville Information Technology Solutions Summit, the main highlight was the availability of computer and the various benefits it offers to its users.

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A large number of the attendees for the said summit comprised of high school students. The speakers encourage these young individuals to try seeking for a career in the field of information technology. One of the excellent speakers even talked about his personal life to motivate the high school students to take up the course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He also emphasized the top reasons why it is a great course.

First of all, he said that many people are now reliant to personal computers and laptops when it comes to getting things done. Whether it is for work or business, information technology is always there. Hence, an IT expert will never experience difficulty in searching for job opportunities because there is a constant demand for it. There will always be people or individuals who will look for the skills and expertise of a professional who has a background in information technology.

At the same time, this field is also challenging. As such, it is ideal for people who want to look for solutions to specific problems. Remember that computers and other devices can be difficult to understand. Hence, for people who enjoy figuring things out, a career in IT may be a good option. Most importantly, working as an IT professional also means that there is an opportunity to earn big.

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If you want to have an excellent and great career in the future, then maybe it is time to consider a career in information technology.

2014 California Developer Week Discusses Tips On Starting Your Own Website

The 2014 California Developer Week aims to guide aspiring web developers to establish the best websites fit for them. Creating a site may serve as your product and services catalog which can help you with taking your business to the next level. Building a site in just a day or two is difficult. Successful websites require time and effort.

Here are tips to aid you build your company website.

Use Killer SEO

There are a million websites out there competing for traffic. Landing on the first page on the search engine is difficult without the use of search engine optimization (SEO). Your website content writers should first familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the SEO to be able to maximize your website’s reach.

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State Calls To Action Clearly

Tell your visitors what your site offers in a clear manner. Do you want them to subscribe to your monthly newsletters? If so, make this clear on your home page. Do you want them to order your products online? State this in your main page. By stating your calls to action, your audience will be able to utilize your website’s purpose easier.

Create A Page Hierarchy

Most businesses divide their websites into different sections. Aside from going with the usual format of a home page, about page, and contact page, it is better to opt for a hierarchy approach.

In the home page, include a general overview. In the second section, highlight your main product or service so that your customers will know that this is your primary offer. You can place your other products and services in the succeeding sections. This way, it will be easier for your target audience to navigate the website and understand your business.

Generate Revenue Without Annoying Your Visitors

Instead of relying on banner ads and pop-ups to generate revenue, try to explore other ways to receive profit. One way is to sell other non-rival companies’ products and earn money from the commission as an affiliate seller. You may also opt to provide your service as an online content writer for other businesses.

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There are many ways on how to build a successful website for your company. These four points presented are only some of the things some creators miss whenever they draw their own strategies. Once you have incorporated these factors in your new website, you will definitely be able to keep your visitors clicking.

How To Capture Video From YouTube To Computer Using WinX YouTube Downloader

In every family or circle of friends, there is always someone who still hasn’t embraced technology fully. Instead of using Facebook, Twitter, or Skype to video chat, they insist on making use of the regular messaging application. If you talk about memes or internet slangs around them, they might look at you as if you have gone out of your mind.

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Because of that, it’s no surprise that whenever a YouTube video becomes viral, and you find it too exciting not to be shared, you may have a hard time showing it to your non-techy loved one. You can send a link to them, for instance, but that person may not even be aware that clicking it will redirect them to the video. In case you try to play it through your smartphone, they may complain about the screen being too small.

The only solution we can consider for you is to capture your favorite video from an online platform to the computer using a software called WinX YouTube Downloader. Many people do it, primarily before going to a remote location where there may not be internet service. It’s free and easy, regardless if you are a Mac or Windows PC user.

What Is WinX YouTube Downloader?

It is a software that’s popular with a lot of individuals across the globe. What seems amazing about this video-downloading tool is that it can be safely utilized in your Mac (OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Mavericks) and Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP and Vista) desktops and laptops. Its features also allow you to capture YouTube videos in high definition at a rate that is way faster than any other software.

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The usual problem that people face with most video downloaders is that the number of files they can capture is too limited. In some instances, it is difficult to get the video in the highest resolution as well, or the software merely supports a single format.

What you may like about WinX YouTube Downloader, therefore, is that you will never come across such troubles. You can capture as many HD videos as you want all at once. Then, you may download them in the format that your player can handle.

Other Features Of WinX YouTube Downloader

  • Download high-quality clips and videos from YouTube, as well as 1000 other video-sharing websites in a single click.
  • Take your YouTube playlist videos offline and into your device of preference.
  • Use the video URL to capture your favorite online videos.
  • Transform YouTube videos into any format you like.
  • Get movies, TV show recordings, and other videos from Facebook, Netflix, Vimeo, etc.
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How To Install The Software?

No matter how excited you are at viewing the newest videos uploaded by your beloved YouTube stars, you should not forget to download the WinX YouTube Downloader first. Doing so is not as challenging as finding what clips to obtain. You may even be able to download the software in a matter of seconds. You only need to have your good electronic device (e.g., desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) ready before following the procedure below.

1. Install The Software

Once you have prompted the program to install, you will see instruction for software installation. You will know if you have succeeded with installing the video-downloading tool once the free application sets off immediately.

2. Find A Video From YouTube

For the next step, you should launch the YouTube website and click any video that you want to have an offline copy of. After that, you need to obtain its URL so that you can download it to your computer.

Now, there are several ways to do that. The first one is to play your preferred video, and then wait for WinX YouTube Downloader to show you a clickable Download option to capture the clip at once. If it seems inconvenient, you may choose to do the regular copy-and-paste action from the website to the software. Moreover, if you still do not like either, you can drag the URL from the top of the page and drop it to the downloader.

3. Choose Your Video Format

FLV is the file format of all videos from YouTube. Even though it plays when we watch online, it may not be supported by some video or audio players. Hence, you should use the WinX Downloader to alter the format of the videos before downloading the final copy to your electronic gadget.

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To Sum Things Up

Watching your favorite videos online can now be possible even without internet service connection when you download them. That is especially true if you use WinX YouTube Downloader – free yet dependable software that every person on this planet has to have.

The flexibility that the tool exhibits adds to its overall appeal significantly. Grabbing videos from YouTube and transferring them to a computer quicker than ever is merely one of its good points, you know. Through the software, you can now laugh, cry or smile any time with your loved ones while viewing the videos offline.

Understanding The Psychology Of Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most popular strategies used by several entrepreneurs all over the world. In the past, company owners only have a limited set of platforms where they can promote their products and services. However, things have changed recently due to the various advancements in the field of technology. Nowadays, people in business can already improve their brand awareness through online advertising.

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